Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School

PK3 through 8th Grade

Financial Plan

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School Financial Plan

Financial plans at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School include educational materials for distribution to all members of the community, explaining the total cost per child and how that cost is met by identifying the percentage of cost that is paid for by tuition and the remaining amount of cost that is supported by other sources of revenue.

2018-2019 Total Expenses $4,044,583.64
# of students enrolled 455
Average cost per student $8,889.20
Income from tuition $3,284,780.98
Average income per student $7,219.30
Gap per students $1,669.90

In 2018-2019, 82% of total cost to educate a student comes from the tuition and 18% comes from other sources such as registration, fundraising, after school care, graduation fee, sports and extracurricular activity fees, etc.